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Travel insurance

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Whether you are going for domestic or international trip, getting travel insurance helps you in many ways. It covers number of loss that can happen during your travelling like loss of passport, cancellation of flight, stealing of luggage, medical urgency and many more. You can find number of insurance companies, who offers wide range of travel policies.

Domestic insurance: It covers uncertain conditions like loss of personal valuables, medical condition if any, tickets cancellation, etc only in the domestic trip.

International insurance: It covers expenses of medical treatment in overseas, loss of luggage and documents, delay in flight, etc. Also check the things that are excluded from this category.

Corporate insurance: It is provided to companies and all protection is provided to the employee, who is traveling.

Senior travel insurance: This is provided to senior citizens in which expense due to loss of passport, flight delay, medical emergency with cashless treatment and hospitalization, etc is covered.

Student travel insurance: It covers expense due to loss of passport, medical emergency and any obstacles in their studies.

Individual travel insurance: It covers loss of luggage, robbery and damage done by robbers at your place during your whole trip, etc.

Thus, you can find wide varieties of policies designed for different purpose. So, depending on the type of trip and what all factors you want to cover, you can go for any travel insurance policy before the onset of your trip, whether it is domestic or international.