property insurance

Property insurance

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Property insurance covers not only residential property, but shops, building, factory, expensive valuables, machinery and equipments, furniture and many more. There are large number of insurance companies in the market, which have varied terms and conditions. Property insurance basically includes standard fire insurance, burglary insurance and cargo insurance.

In standard fire policy, it protects your property from unpredicted conditions like fire, earthquake, cyclone, flood, landslide, any blast, chemical leakage and many more. It covers almost every type of property along with the goods may it be raw or finished products. Before taking this policy, also check out what all are excluded from the policy.

Burglary policy generally protects companies and house, which have valuables like shares, bonds, cash, machinery, all movable equipments and many others. This policy also covers damage done to the property by robbers. Thus, this policy is very beneficial, if everything in your office or home is very expensive.

Cargo insurance is basically designed for mercantile, who are involved in certain type of trading business. It covers the loss or damage of goods while transporting it to the place of destination through railways, ships, flight, etc. It includes cover against loss just due to accidents and damage just due to jerks. Loss and damage due to other reasons like nonpayment, improper packing of transferred goods and few others are not included.

Thus depending on your requirement and budget, you can go for any insurance company and any of its policy.