moto insurance

Moto insurance

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Want to protect your valuable bike? Then Moto insurance is the best option, which provides enough protection to your motorcycle in case of any accidents, minor damage or theft. You can find wide array of insurance companies, who offers different types of policies in terms of coverage, discounts, make and model of bike, driving habits, etc. Thus, considering all such factors, you should select policy that suits your requirement and budget.

Basically it includes three types of policies and they are as follow:

  • Third party liability: In this policy, if accident is done by you, then the insurance company pays all expense to the third person, whether it is body injury or damage to their vehicle. Your vehicle is not at all covered.
  • Collision insurance: In this policy, your vehicle is also covered along with third party. You can get expense of maintenance. The coverage depends on the value of your bike.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: In this policy, if your bike is damaged or lost because of fire, theft, earthquake, flood, etc, then you can get expense accordingly. Some insurance companies also come with offer of replacement, where new bike is provided in place of old stolen bike.

Thus, you can go for any policy that you find appropriate for your bike and driving style. Each insurance company offers all these policies at different rates that too with varied terms and conditions of coverage and claiming method.