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Life Insurance

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Life is uncertain and death can come any moment. So, it is better to secure your family member’s future by going for appropriate life insurance. There are numbers of life insurance companies that offers wide range of policies that have varying period and amount of premium requirement. Some policies under this category provide only life cover, while some policies offer saving schemes too along with life cover. Let’s have a look on different type of life insurance.

  • Term insurance: In this policy, fixed amount of life cover is provided only for certain time period. For example, 30 lakh rupees is provided to nominee, only if insurance holder dies within 20 years. Different insurance companies offer policies with different time period, cover amount and premium amount.
  • Life cover and saving insurance: In such policies, some amount of premium paid by policy holder goes for life cover, while some amount goes as part of investment in capital market. And from this investment, certain fixed amount can be withdrawn for emergency situation.
  • Pension life insurance: In this category, policy holder can go for regular premium or lump sum payment system. In return of this, the insured person gets regular salary after their retirement. Even, if the insured person gets expired, his spouse can get regular income until her death.

Thus, you can go for any life insurance cover as per your budget and financial requirement in future. Also check all terms and conditions of the insurance company you are selecting.