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Home insurance

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House is the most expensive investment, thus it is very important to protect your place against uncertainty by opting home insurance policy. Almost all companies offer home insurance policy, but each have difference in their premium amount, inclusion and exclusion of risk. It usually provides two types of protection, one is from fire and perils and other is burglary. Above these, many other policies are also provided, which can be purchased as per individual requirement.

In standard fire and peril policy, it covers both house’s structure and interiors. It covers expense incurred due to fire, earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricanes, terrorism, lightning, gas explosion, riots or vandalism, etc. Thus, if any damage occurs in house’s outer structure and inner part, insurance company pays for it.

In burglary policy, all valuables robbed by burglars and any damage done to house by them are covered.

Certain other policies like all risk insurance in which loss of jewellery is also covered. Loss of electronic appliances like mixer, blender, etc is also covered under certain policies. Some policies also cover damage or stealing of big equipments like TV, computer, laptop, etc. If an accident leads to death or injury to your family member, then expense of their treatment is also covered under certain home insurance policies. Public liability policy is also a part of home insurance in which if any third party gets injured or expired in your house, then expense of his treatment is also covered under this policy.