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Health insurance

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Nowadays, any medical treatment is very expensive, so it is better to go for health insurance that covers your and family member’s medical expense. Almost all insurance companies provide number of health insurance policy, which have varying amount of cover. Thus you can select any policy that fits your budget and medical care requirement. Generally the type of health insurance is divided on the basis of the criticality of diseases.

  • Non critical insurance plan: In this policy, all non critical diseases which can occur frequently are covered. There can be two claiming process that is cashless in which without paying single amount from your pocket, insurance company will pay whole amount, while in reimbursement, insurance company reimburse later. So you should have cash at that moment to clear medical bills. In case of hospital bills, calculation is done considering fixed percentage of expense from all head, e.g room charges, operation charges, medicine, apparatus charges, OT charges, etc.
  • Critical insurance plan: This policy covers generally large diseases like heart diseases, cancer, dialysis and many more. This costs very high than non critical diseases. The premium of this policy is more and even cover is also high.

The selection of health insurance policy depends on your lifestyle and risk of developing certain diseases. Even premium of different insurance policy also depends on your complete body profile that includes blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and many more. So, more bad the health reports more premium will be charged by insurance companies.