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Business insurance

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Investment is the main element of any business, thus no businessman wants their investment to get wasted in the expenses incurred due to death or injury to some employee, damage to building due to natural calamity, loss of valuables due to robbery and many more. Business insurance protects from all such problems and prevents your business from going in to loss. There are various insurance companies, who offer different type of business insurance with varied benefits and protection.

General insurance: It covers loss due to lawsuit by any employee, medical expenses due to injury or death, property destruction due to strike or vandalism, etc.

Product insurance: It covers the medical expense incurred in body injury or any kind of reaction due to the defect in the products. Insurance pays all expenses to third party.

Property insurance: It covers all expenses incurred due to damage or loss of any of the company property, which includes outer structure to all contents inside building like computer, important documents, cash, other machinery and equipments, etc. It covers damage due to number of uncertain conditions like fire, storm, earthquake, hurricanes, flood and many more.

Professional insurance: In this category, insurance companies protect your company from the risk of any error or mal practices done in providing goods and services to the customers.

Thus, as per your requirement and budget, you can choose any policy from any of the insurance company.