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Auto insurance

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There are large numbers of insurance companies that provides protection to your car against the risk of any accident, damage or bodily injury. Each companies offer different type of insurance policies, so you need to understand lists of insurance policy and have to select that suits your requirement and budget. Let’s see the types of auto insurance.

Third party liability insurance: In this policy, third person’s expense of body injury is covered who is crashed due to your fault. Body injury liability: In this policy, body injury to you is covered irrespective of who is the cause of accident.

Collision insurance: It covers expense of damage to your and third party’s car. The calculation of this payment depends on the depreciation and current value of bike.

Comprehensive insurance: It covers damage cause to your car for the non-colliding reasons like fire, flood, storm, theft, etc.

Replacement insurance: If your car is totaled and if it is within 15000 miles in a first year, then without deducting depreciation, insurance company offers payment for new car.

Better car replacement: If your car is no more appealing to you, then getting this insurance, you can get one year new model, which’s totaled is 15000 miles less than your old car.

If you are teacher, then there is different auto insurance, where you can avail greater benefits than other policies. Thus auto insurance is very important and can prevent you from great loss to you and your car.